Erotic Mystery School

Welcome to the the ‘Only Students’ Section for Key 4: Erotic Mystery School

This section is purposely created for those who truly wish to learn deeper around these topics.

This section is around accepting that we are sexual beings and integrating this aspect of our nature

There are two main areas that this will be categorized as:

The Light Erotic – This is going to be things based around White Tantric Practices, sexuality with self and reclaiming erotic energy and innocence for the purpose of expanding pleasure, awakening awareness around sexual expression and healing our experience and relationship with this part of ourselves

The Dark Erotic – This is going to be practices and topics based around aspects such as red and neo tantric practices and weaving aspects such as conscious kink in with tantric elements to reintegrate our shadows and primal aspects of our sexuality for deeper embodiment and understanding of self

This section will be FREE to have access to, however specific masterclasses and workshops will be purchasable to respect the time, wisdom and depth that will be shared by some of the worlds leaders in sacred sexuality and these areas.

Why are we using OnlyFans?

We have chosen to use this platform for this area of the temple as it is the easiest way to let you interact with and have access to all the amazing guests we have coming in and due to the nature of these topics, there will be adult topics, nudity and sexual contact involved in these level of the temple

NOTE: You do NOT have to be involved in this level of the temple to experience and enjoy the other levels, we are here to merely share all the pathways and tools, however it is your discernment what you choose to learn about and engage within. Take what you need from the wisdom that is shared and leave the rest

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