Return of the Goddess: Shamanic Journey for Women

Dear Woman

Can you hear her calling you?

Stirring deep within your bones?

Whispering to you to wake up

And remember your truth!

It is time we come together

To embody the earth and unlock the magic within us

In ancient times, women would come together to dance, move and create ecstatic states in the body, in a prayer and gift to their being, tribe and the earth

Are you ready to reclaim this magic within you?

This journey includes:

– A Cacao Ceremony to honor our beings and open our hearts

– AncIent womb wisdom, white tantric practices including how to use yoni eggs and sacred priestess rites of passage

– Embodiment practices and ceremony to awaken the divine feminine within, bringing harmony to our inner union and on this planet as a conduit for this harmony

– A Guided Womb and Breathwork Journey that will unlock you into new levels of ecstaticness

– A soothing sound healing journey to recalibrate the very cells of your body and support of your spirit

More than ever, it is time to for us to reclaim our bodies, to come together and awaken the Goddess within

If you are feeling the call, this is going to be a deep, intimate and profound journey

Limited Spaces available!!

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