Key 5


Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

This key starts to unlock and understand the truth of your erotic energy and sensual soul

We live in a day and age where we have been shamed and separated from knowing the essence and power of our erotic self because in its truth, it is both powerful and innocent

Your sexuality is a part of who you are and how you experience yourself, others and life in more than one way. Intimacy is something that is a part of our innate human drives and needs. The more we can heal and understand this, the more we can find our sensual peace.

There are two categories that this section will have available for beings to engage with –

Sensual Magic: The Light

Sensual Magic: The Dark

The Light will be more topics based around white tantric and self cultivation practices, this is more around the lighter ways of reconnecting your soft heart with your sexuality to cultivate powerful self love practices and ways we can connect with our lover. This section will dive into erotic movement and the innocence of our erotic energy and sexual expression

The dark will be more topics based around topics such as conscious kink and releasing shame around the primal parts of you. We will be diving into the healing aspects and the somatic understanding of what these realms can offer you in understanding things like consent and boundaries and creating safe ways to express your sexual exploration in very real ways. We will dive into the taboo and shameful areas so we can bring them into understanding, truth and empowerment.

This key will include:

– Sensual Soul Talks and Masterclasses

– Workshops and Trainings

There will be something for both men, women and couples as we all deserve to know these parts of us

The online platform for this sections Online Masterclasses and Workshops will be run through the ‘Only Fans’ Platform due to its ‘adult content’ friendly space as we will be diving into demonstrations and conversations that will involve nudity and adult topics.

*Note: This section is a strictly 18+ level. Regardless of age aswell, you do not have to utilizie or be involved in this key of the temple to enjoy the other keys for what they have to offer. The purpose of the space is to give you all the tools and education with the binding aspect being that these are all tools to understanding yourself deeper, unlocking the magic within and bringing the sacredness to all parts of our life. We encourage an approach of discernment meaning take what works for you, and leave the rest.

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