Key 3


We live in a day and age where we have been disconnected from knowing its ok to feel

Both men and women alike, we can struggle to allow and know how to express our emotions in a healthy way

Not expressing them at all can create internal chaos both on our mental and physical wellbeing, whilst over expressing them and projecting them onto the world around us can create external chaos in our relationships and environment

This key is for those who are ready to dive a little deeper in understanding their internal realm both for a healthier relationship and expression of themselves and also how they relate with and express with others

This key will include:

– Emotional Release Tools & Techniques

– Q&A: Relationship and Emotion al Awareness Talks

– Monthly in person circles in collaboration with the Love Out Loud Movement

– Mens & Womens groups

We are in a moment in our history where more than even, these topics and spaces are needed to be looked at and spoken to for our personal and collective well being as it is a need as a species that is relationship based and emotionally responsive

Lets come together and reclaim our emotional body as men and women

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