Welcome to the Temple Keys

Are you ready to unlock the Magic within?

The Temple Keys is your modern day mystery school and all round temple arts space that is here to serve your mind, body and soul in all the different ways that are available to you

In a day and age that has left us feeling more disconnected than ever with ourselves, each other and the universe, its time to reclaim your keys and come back home to your own temple – mind, body, soul and everything in between!

Our world is changing before our eyes, we are waking up to the importance of our inner health, the understanding of emotions and energy and expanding our awareness in areas such as our sexuality and creativity, its time to embrace who we are and bring the sacredness and harmony back into our experience of life

You came here with a unique experience your soul is here to have, when we unlock the levels of who we are, we can start to reclaim our own unique magic, our own true core energetic vibration, our soul frequency!

Whether its through our online Facebook Community, Youtube Videos, Podcasts, The ‘Only Student’ Masterclasses, Products or In Person Events and Trainings, we hope to bring you all the tools you can use on your journey back home to understanding you

There are four levels of this temple in which a person can choose to embark on in their journey inwards or what depending on how deep or involved you wish to go and want your soul is wanting to learn and expand into

What makes this space so unique is we cover levels that you cannot find anywhere else all in one space

This is a unique curriculum and community, for those who are ready to truly look at all levels and layers, and the gift of this is, when you pay attention and dive into the journey, it all makes sense and connects together in ways that unravel what you thought about what this is all about

The main purpose for the key.google.coms that have been placed is to provide education and relinquish fear and shame around all topics of our human and spiritual self. This is why you can find everything here from sound healings to conscious kink classes, because you have the right to know your body and being and have access to all the tools and support on how to do so, depending on how you wish to receive, the gift is there is no right or wrong, just different pathways, tools and understandings

The main focus is to help beings understand embodiment, emotional and sensual alchemy and creating a healthy relationship with themselves, others and life.

A lot of the wisdom in this space is a mixture of yogic, tantric, shamanic, general esoteric and scientific wisdom, to understand our mind, emotional being, spiritual being and sexual expression as they are ALL connected and pathways to our own empowerment

The levels are known as keys


KEY 1 – Temple Vibes

KEY 2 – Creative Soul

KEY 3 – The Awakening

KEY 4 – The Sensual Awakening

(Click on each key to find out more)

The Temple Priestess

The Temple Keys were created by MoonRose Mickie

MoonRose Mickie is a Tantric Shamanic Priestess here to guide you into unlocking the magic within

MoonRose has spent many years training in all realms of temple arts such as dance, ceremonial facilitation, sound healing, hatha yoga, yin yoga, tantra, energy healing such as Reiki, various types of shamanism including Celtic and Egyptian lineages, the sisterhood of the rose priestess path, along with various trauma release training, MoonRose is also unique trained in weaving tantric elements and sacred sexuality into the kink world, giving her a unique perspective and understanding on how the body holds and releases trauma on all levels

‘The truth is there is no one truth! We find the tools that assist us in each now of our souls journey and let our mind, heart and sex reconnect us back to our cosmic truth and earthly wisdom as we become the divine bridge’

MoonRose is the host and head priestess of the Temple Keys, sharing her wisdom and her magic for those who are open to receiving

You can find out more about her at http://www.moonrosemickie.com

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